Onistop regenerative oil

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We are glad to present NEW medical oil "Onistop." by Nailsoftheday! A product that can help many to overcome such a problem as onycholysis and fungus. Hundreds of experiments, combinations of components, trial and error. And here is what our huge team of talented people have been working on, regardless of anything! A new unique formula of nail and skin oil used in the treatment of onycholysis, as well as in the care of normal and damaged nail plates.

Regular use of this nail product helps to accelerate the regeneration and healthy growth of nail plates, especially in the case of their fragility, thinning, brittleness, flaking.

INSTRUCTIONS: apply the oil on clean, damp skin. One drop under the nail plate in the morning and evening. Wait for the oil to be distributed and rub into the peri-nail ridges with massaging movements. Use until the nail plate is fully grown.

Let all fears of unhealthy nails remain somewhere in the past and your customers will say "thank you".

Link to the article "Important questions and answers about the treatment of onycholysis with Onistop. by Nailsoftheday."

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