Lets Special Cherry gel polish 10ml

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"Let's Special Cherry" is not an ordinary gel polish, but our special nano formula. We put the highest quality European pigments in every bottle. Thanks to this, you get a perfectly saturated and extremely bright manicure. Gel varnish covers the nail plate in one light layer and polymerizes well. There will be few such special gel polishes. Therefore, each of them is like a special star.

Application technology: degrease the nail plate; apply NAILSOFTHEDAY DEHYDRATOR dehydrator; then NAILSOFTHEDAY ULTRABOND; make an elastic gasket from Rubber base and polymerize; evenly distribute Let's special cherry in one small layer and carefully level it, adding another layer will give you an even brighter shade. We recommend covering with Nailsoftheday Glossy top no wipe, Nailsoftheday Glossy top wipe or Nailsoftheday Matte top. Polymerization: UV – 120 seconds, LED – 60 seconds.

Warning: Avoid skin contact. Use only as directed. Keep away from sunlight and out of the reach of children.

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