Nail art brush Stroke #0

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NAILSOFTHEDAY Professional Stroke #0 is a brush made of synthetic fibers for underdrawings, dots and broad strokes. The point brush has a very thin tip and is intended, literally, for jewelry work: drawing lace, flower petals. The texture and weight of the brush handle are suitable for any hand. The design of the brush allows you to precisely control the thickness of the layer on the nail.

Care: brushes should be washed in warm water, gently straightening the hairs; it is not recommended to leave wet brushes like this - they may lose their shape; brushes can be used only after they are completely dry; it is better to store manicure brushes in a cover or pencil case, protecting them from dust, sunlight and other factors that can spoil them.

Proper care and storage of tools will not only extend their service life, but also ensure the quality of work. PROFESSIONAL German brushes made of the highest quality material! 10+ years of excellent painting. Be in trend with Nailsoftheday!)

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