Liner Brush

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TOUCH by Kholodivych

LINER BRUSH TOUCH is a liner for the thinnest lines.

The synthetic pile has high wear resistance and elasticity, which is why it does not loosen.

The length of the pile is 9 mm with a cap.

Great for fine lines, fringe, alignment, and cuticle coverage!

Recommendations for use:

- To clean the brush, you can use a special solution for cleaning brushes Brush cleaner, cleanser, alcohol or disinfectant solution.

- Avoid immersing the pile in any cleaning agent, this will worsen the quality and condition of the pile every time.

- Keep brushes away from direct sunlight and LED lamp rays.

- Try not to press hard on the brush, do not wipe the bristles with a napkin, but only gently wet them.

- Do not cut the pile "under the root", if there is a need to trim/level, then leave a couple of millimeters at the base.

- Carefully insert the bone into the cap to avoid kinks.

- It is important not to leave the brushes wet so that the pile is not deformed.

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