Glassy Base GB006 8ml

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The new collection of Komilfo Glassy Bases allows you to realize the most daring ideas, providing your nails with stunning shine and color tints!

Each of the 7 colors in the palette has incredible shades that can easily be combined with any style and mood. From sophisticated and delicate to expressive and daring, Glassy Base provides endless space for creativity.
Very easy and comfortable application of these bases is a real pleasure. Their texture promotes uniform coverage of the nail plate.
The effect of glass slices makes the Glassy Base collection even more unique.

Carry out standard nail preparation: remove the previous coating, remove the cuticle, buff the surface and give the desired shape to the nails. After this, it is recommended to clean the nail plate with a disinfectant and degreaser. If necessary, apply Ultrabond - a special acid-free preparation for additional adhesion of subsequent coatings to the natural nail.
Apply Komilfo gel polish base coat to your nail. The base allows you to level the nail plate and create an ideal nail shape before coating with colored gel polish. Then dry it in a UV lamp.
Apply 2 layers of Komilfo colored gel polish. Don't forget to seal each layer (including base and top). The polymerization time of colored gel polish in a UV lamp is 2 minutes, in an LED lamp - 30 seconds.
Apply a thin layer of Komilfo top coat for gel polish, dry it in an LED lamp for 90 seconds, in a UV lamp for the maximum amount of time indicated on the timer.
Once coverage is complete, apply cuticle oil.

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