Top Nail Forms - GOTHIC 120pc

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Designed for extension of salon nail shapes with minimal filing.

The arch of this upper shape allows you to model the most natural nail shapes, imitating a natural nail plate.

Variations in the width of the upper universal forms make it possible to both extend fingernails and perform prosthetics or additional plate extensions on the feet.

Reusable forms. Thin, elastic, do not bend when squeezing the architecture with tweezers or special needle-nose pliers.

Designed to work with acrygels or polygels.


We perform standard preparation of the nail plate.
We select the appropriate size upper form.
Place a small amount of acrylic gel in the upper mold in the area of the free edge.
We give the gel the desired shape, then dry it in a lamp for 15 seconds.
Place the acrylic gel on the mold in the cuticle area.
We place the form on the nail plate and, holding the form on the client’s finger, move the hand under the lamp, where we dry it until complete polymerization.
After polymerization is complete, the upper mold is easily separated from the hardened material.
The free edge is given the desired shape using a nail file.

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