NAILS OF THE DAY Builder gel - Flower 15g

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NAILSOFTHEDAY Build gel Flower 01–03 — 3 colors, the first building gel with dry flowers of the new formula.

NAILSOFTHEDAY Build gel Flower:
— building gels of a new generation;
— perfectly self-leveling;
— ideal for upper forms;
— flowers do not change color, are evenly distributed and do not require pollination;
— can be used as reinforcement, also for lower forms;
— average density;
- do not bake in a lamp.

Application technology: degrease the nail plate; apply NAILSOFTHEDAY DEHYDRATOR dehydrator; then NAILSOFTHEDAY ULTRABOND; make an elastic base layer with Builder base strong gel, SCOTCH BASE or Rubber base and polymerize; evenly distribute Flower gel and carefully level it. Polymerization: UV – 120 seconds, LED – 60 seconds.

Warning: Avoid skin contact. Use only as directed. Keep away from sunlight and out of the reach of children.

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