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NAILSOFTHEDAY Dual Form are intended for nail extension with minimal filing. The arch of the upper forms allows you to model the most natural nail shapes imitating the natural nail plate.

Forms are elastic, hold their shape well and are easily removed after polymerization with any material, they do not bend when pressing the architecture with tweezers or special fine pliers. Suitable for use with various types of materials: poly-gel, acrylic-gel, builder-gels and gel-jelly. The improved form will create nail architecture without too much effort even for beginners in modeling.

Type 3 — stiletto/almond, 120 pieces. There are 120 pieces in the set - 12 sizes, which makes it easy to choose the necessary shape for any nail plate.

Dimensions: 0 — depth 1.7 cm / length 5 cm / width 1.4 cm; 11 — depth 0.9 cm / length 4.2 cm / width 0.6 cm.

Technology of use: degrease the nail plate; apply NAILSOFTHEDAY DEHYDRATOR dehydrator; then NAILSOFTHEDAY ULTRABOND; make an elastic layer of the base with Builder base strong gel, SCOTCH BASE or Rubber base with a thin and rubbing layer, then polymerize. We choose the tips of the required size for the nail plate, and on its inner side we apply the selected material for modeling, we recommend applying NAILSOFTHEDAY Camouflage builder gel, Smart Jelly gel, Ariel builder gel, Shell builder gel or Build gel Flower/Potal. We fix it on the nail plate using NAILSOFTHEDAY Nail lamp or a clamp. We polymerize in a 36/48 W hybrid lamp for 1-2 minutes (depending on the selected material, length and thickness). After complete polymerization of the material, remove the tips, slightly pinching from the sides for quick removal. Adjust the shape with a saw and carbide cutter, as well as sawdust under the nail. Remove the remains of the dispersion and dust from the finished nail with the special liquid NAILSOFTHEDAY Nail Prep. We recommend covering it with a No stress top no wipe top. Polymerization: UV – 120 seconds, LED – 60 seconds.

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