Lets Special gel polish DUNE collection 10ml

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The collection for the announcement of the movie Dune, which everyone has been waiting for so long.
The main colors of the movie DUNE 2024 — Nailsoftheday Let’s special DUNE:

Each shade conveys its own atmosphere, from the desert to the blue sky!) Experience 8 desert colors with Nailsoftheday. Trend colors of the Pantone color institute spring-summer 2024:
– each shade is selected by our team together with a stylist, technologist and colorist;
– all shades are popular and trendy for 2024-2025;
– our unique formula;
– the highest pigmentation of colors;
- perfectly cover in one thin layer and dry.

The collection includes 4 sand colors, desert colors + one spice color + eye and sky color + oasis color and gray stone color or airplanes and clothes of the movie characters. For everyone who will buy the full collection, i.e. all 8 desert colors, they will receive them in metal branded boxes from Nailsoftheday!

Let's special DUNE/1 — milky with a golden tint
Let's special DUNE/2 is a dusty rose
Let's special DUNE/3 — sky blue
Let's special DUNE/4 - dusty olive
Let's special DUNE/5 — cold sand
Let's special DUNE/6 — dark beige sand
Let's special DUNE/7 - cold/dusty brick
Let's special DUNE/8 - deep gray

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