Malbec Base 10ml

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Nailsoftheday Bottle gel is a super-strong gel with a self-leveling function.

Bottle gel is used to strengthen a weak nail plate. Fast in repairing cracks, chipped corners. Easy to build up, modeling artificial nail plates. Dries quickly, does not shrink. There are no toxic substances. The consistency is average, it does not harden in the open air. Modeled Bottle gel nails are strong and resistant to mechanical impact.

Application technology: degrease the nail plate; make an elastic lining of the base and polymerize; evenly distribute Bottle gel Nailsoftheday and carefully level it. Polymerization: UV – 120 seconds, LED – 60 seconds.

Warning: Avoid skin contact. Use only as directed. Keep away from sunlight and out of the reach of children.

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