PODOLOGY+ foot cream 200ml

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Nailsoftheday PODOLOGY+ is a continuation of the German formula line: keratolytic and urea cream of the new generation, the best professional podo care for summer-autumn 2023!

History of creation: since last summer, together with our German technologist, we started developing a keratolytic + urea cream. It took a long time to choose the raw materials (the formula was made faster), then testers were sent from Germany to Kyiv, they tested for many months and even wore them on their heels. Keratolytic and cream is a continuation of ONISTOP, the most popular product in Ukraine at the moment.

Nailsoftheday Podology+ is a moisturizing and nourishing foot cream with urea. New generation professional foot cream. The new formula of the cream with urea, avocado oil and eucalyptus essential oil provides deep nourishment and supports the hydrolipidic balance of the skin:

– urea is a natural component of the skin barrier and helps to strengthen this barrier, protecting the skin from external influences;
– avocado oil fills the lack of lipids in the epidermis and restores the protective barrier and actively fights skin dryness, increases its elasticity;
– eucalyptus essential oil intensively nourishes, softens, moisturizes and tones the skin; has an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect;
- sesame oil tones, nourishes and restores the lipid balance, elasticity and color of the skin;
– panthenol accelerates the regeneration process, is anti-inflammatory and supports the natural water-lipid layer.

NOTD Podology+ foot cream promotes deep hydration and long-term nutrition of our skin. Cream in a stable jar of 200 ml. Pay attention to the cream dispenser - it is specially wide to quickly press with the palm of one hand.

Application technology: apply the cream to the feet and spread over the skin with soft massaging movements. In home care, use 1-2 times a day.

The best professional care summer-autumn 2023. Developed in Germany, but born in Ukraine. Give your skin the best with Nailsoftheday!)

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