Teddy top wipe 10ml

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Nailsoftheday TEDDY TOP is a matte plush top with a sticky layer, a new formula. Preserves the quality of the plush villi throughout the duration of the manicure. Does not turn yellow. Protects the coating from scratches, chips and rubbing, without UV filters. Thanks to the modern formula, it perfectly aligns and tightly covers the nail plate. Medium consistency.

– has a velvety effect, like a teddy bear;
– protects the coating from cracking, mechanical damage and burning;
– preserves the initial color of the coating (does not turn blue dark shades, and does not yellow light ones);
- does not rub off;
- has a sticky layer.

Application technology: finishing manicure; evenly distribute TEDDY TOP, carefully level, then remove the sticky layer. Polymerization: UV — 120 seconds, LED — 60 seconds.

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