Nika Zemlyanikina

N.Z Gel Polish 6ml

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N.Z. the gel polish is a new high-tech brand that will satisfy the master of any qualification!
Gel polishes are dense, opaque, of medium consistency. They do not float on the base coating and do not burn out under the top, compatible with all known bases and tops.

  • discolored shades
  • the optimal volume is 6 ml
  • without MMA tonic acids
  • Can be mixed with each other to obtain new shades. The polymerization time is 30-60 seconds in UV/LED lamps.
How to use N.Z. the gel polish
1. Prepare the natural plate with a soft buff, treat the surface of the nail with a degreaser and disinfectant.
2. Apply a primer (acidic or acid-free, depending on the type of natural plate).
3. Cover with Nika Zemlyanikina rubber base, dry in the lamp for the recommended time.
3. Cover with colored gel polish, dry in a lamp for 30-60 seconds.
4. Apply Nika Zemlyanikina top and dry in a lamp, if the top has a sticky layer, we recommend removing the stickiness with ultra gloss.
5. Apply cuticle oil.

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