Nika Zemlyanikina

Mirror Top with sun block 15ml

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A top without a sticky layer with UV filters (sun blocker) Mirror Top Nika Zemlyanikina is a stable bright mirror gloss for up to 4 weeks! Thanks to the special formula, it will allow the master to quickly and easily level all the irregularities of the nail plate without flowing into the side ridges. Finish without a sticky layer Mirrоr Top Nika Zemlyanikina - strengthens the surface and makes it more durable. Reliable protection against chips, cracks and fading! The absence of a sticky layer makes the finish coating less allergic, and the content of UV filters (sun blocker) protects the light tones of gel varnish coatings from yellowing. Sun blocker is an advanced UV filter with a high threshold of resistance to ultraviolet sunlight. Polymerizes in all lamps in 120 seconds.
* Nika Zemlyanikina recommends drying for a minimum of 120 seconds for a bright shine throughout the wear period. Compatible with all known brands of gel polishes (if there is a sticky layer in the gel polish)
TM Nika Zemlyanikina is 7-free.

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