Crystal gel 15ml

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TOUCH by Kholodivych

Crystal gel is a gel for building up and strengthening the nail plate, which consists of a transparent base and incredibly shiny glitter

• suitable for building up or strengthening in technology without sawdust;
• suitable for working with upper forms;
• very easy to work with, because it has the ability to self-level.

Method of use:
• standard preparation of the nail plate (file - buff - degreaser - dehydrator - primer);
• a substrate made of an elastic base (rubber or airy base). We dry and remove the sticky layer from the substrate;
• we perform crystal gel extensions or strengthening. When strengthening, it is necessary to file the free edge of the natural nail.

Drying time: in a 48W LED lamp - min. 60 seconds.

Available in a volume of 15 ml without a brush.

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