Cover Top 13ml

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Camouflage top without sticky layer

When you can use cover top
• after augmentation/restoration to upper forms
• when strengthening with gel/polygel is done with an indentation near the cuticle, and we cover this indentation with the top
• if the color of the base/gel shows through and you need to make a denser shade
• an alternative to cover base, which allows you to speed up your work a lot
•hides minor imperfections of the coating
• for design (ombre, gradient, multi-layer stamping)
• in a pedicure

Application method
•apply to the nail plate in one thin layer or with a light leveling
• after drying, do not wipe the top with anything, because it is without a sticky layer

Drying time: in a 48W LED lamp - 90-120 seconds

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