Flash Base 13ml

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TOUCH by Kholodivych

Flash bases contain reflective sand and small opal particles. Under the influence of different lighting, namely daytime or artificial, they create an incredible glow on the nails.

Application recommendations:
-be sure to apply a thin layer of rubber base under the flash base;
- before applying, mix the base pigment so that the effect of light reflection is even stronger.

Please note: the color may vary by half a tone depending on the lighting and screen settings of your device latte,

Features of work:
- pigmented, completely changes color
- medium consistency
- easily leveled
- medium acid
- ph level 6-7

Method of use:
• standard preparation of the nail plate (file - buff - degreaser - dehydrator -
• a substrate made of an elastic base (rubber or airy base). Dry and remove the sticky layer from
• a thin layer of cover base, finished with a thin brush in the cuticle and side areas
parallels Let's dry
• perform leveling using the "wet floor" technique

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