Gel Tips for extensions

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TOUCH by Kholodivych

Touch gel tips are strong, but plastic, which allows you to model nails quickly and easily. The tips have a natural arch, so that the extended nails cannot be distinguished from natural ones.

1. Degrease the nail plate and apply an elastic base (rubber base touch) to the nail, polymerize in a lamp.
2. Apply the same elastic base (rubber base touch) or GUM GEL TOUCH (this is a special gel for attaching gel tips) to the tip that has been degreased from the middle (the area in contact with the nail), apply to the nail, fix and dry in a lamp.
3. Any gel polish, camouflage base can be applied to the floor. It is not necessary to additionally strengthen the tips with gel
4. Fix the finished result with a top.

They are easily removed by both sawing and soaking

*we recommend attaching gel tips to GUM GEL TOUCH

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