Liquid Polygel 15ml

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TOUCH by Kholodivych

Liquid polygel is a liquid polygel that is a solid material but has the consistency of a base.

Liquid polygel is easy and comfortable to work with, because it self-levels in a matter of seconds.

The material is firm, but it is softer than the standard polygel in a tube from the TOUCH brand.

Suitable for quick strengthening of the nail plate, repair or extension.

Features of work:

– standard preparation of the nail plate;
– a substrate made of an elastic base (rubber or airy base), after which we dry and remove the sticky layer from the substrate;
- We level the nail plate with a small thickness at the end of the nail or in the "edge" technique, and then dry it;
- Remove the sticky layer and file the natural nail from underneath.

Drying time: in a 48W LED lamp - min. 60 seconds.

The volume is 15 ml (without a bone), which allows you to use the material to the last drop.

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