Polygel 30ml

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TOUCH by Kholodivych

- "plasticine" consistency
- absolutely does not flow
- to correct the architecture
- when the client does not have solid material in the cuticle area
- when the client wants a cover base, and the nails are weak
- be sure to apply an elastic base
- when strengthening natural nails, be sure to file the natural nail from below
- it is best to spread with an orange stick pre-soaked in AHD

Features of work:
Standard preparation of the nail plate (file - degreaser - dehydrator -
• we apply a substrate made of an elastic base, drawing well in the area of the cuticles and
side sinuses (rubber or airy base touch). Dry and remove the sticky layer from the substrate
•We perform extensions or strengthening/restoration or repair of nails

Drying time: in a 48W LED lamp - 60 seconds

Please note: the color may vary by half a tone depending on the lighting and screen settings of your device
The volume is 15 ml (without a bone), which allows you to use the material to the last drop.

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