PANI MANIA "Nice Girl" Spa massage candle for hands

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Perfumed massage candle for manicure PANI MANIA(c) is an exquisite product for use both in the manicurist's office and for home hand skin care in everyday life. A harmonious combination of natural components will give the skin softness and tenderness, and the perfume composition will amaze with a persistent trail - after the massage procedure, the aroma lasts for 4 or more hours.

The perfume masterpiece that gave inspiration - Good Girl Carolina Herrera

Aroma for special occasions - sweet, mystical, gourmet, spicy and seductive. Fresh and light, capricious and rich at the same time. The aroma contrasts within itself unusual and rare ingredients - it is multifaceted. His train is the true rhythm of the metropolis, in which female emotions, actions, thoughts and dreams are closely intertwined.

Instructions for use:
- Light a candle
- Wait for the contents to melt (a mixture of soy wax, oils and perfume composition)
- Pours the required amount of warm liquid into the hand
- Perform a massage

Full relaxation for the hands, softness and tenderness are guaranteed!

Ingredients: soy wax, cocoa butter, shea butter, almond oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), perfume. Attention, individual components of the massage candle can cause an individual allergic reaction!

The volume is 30 ml


"Burn within sight."

"Keep away from flammables." 

"Keep away from children and pets." 

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